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On November 16 to 19, 2016 the Philippine Orthopedic Association commenced its 67th Annual Congress held at Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City with the theme: “Fusing Knowledge and Technology to Address Orthopaedic Challenge”.

During the 3rd day of the congress, Dr. Jerome Anthony S. Asuncion, MD FPOA of Butuan Orthopedic Institue conducted a lunch symposium on wound care together with one of his senior staff, Jiffaney O. Quiambao, RN. Engaging the doctor’s perspective and nurse’s viewpoint both shared their experiences relating to the wound care center at Butuan Doctor’s Hospital, Butuan City. Dr. Adisaputra Ramadhinara, MD, a renowned wound specialist physician at The Specialist Wound Center, RS PIK (Rumah Sakit Pantal Indah Kapuk) and RS Husada JI Mangga Besar-Jakarta, discussed concerning ‘Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

Given the rise of diabetic wound and chronic wound cases Dr. Jay Asuncion established advanced wound care and diabetic limb center at Butuan Doctors Hospital, Butuan City. This is to address the need for better medical care centers specifically in the said field. He envisioned sharing his knowledge and expertise on the advancement of wound care centers. Hence, the creation of the Philippine Orthopedic Wound Care and Diabetic Limb Society was established. During the congress banquet dinner, the following officers were inducted:

President: Dr. Jerome Anthony S. Asuncion

Vice President: Dr. Jonathan C. Ronquillo

Secretary: Dr. Ariel D. Sandoval

Treasurer: Dr. Phillipe Y. Baclig

PRO: Dr. Elbert A. Ybañez


Board of Trustees

Dr. Emelito V. Ritumalta

Dr. Abundio C. Celera, Jr

Dr. Raymond E. Gomez

Dr. Bernard P. Antolin

Dr. Renier D. Gerochi

Dr. Pierre M. Mella

Dr. Brian P. Dormitorio


The society aims at uniting orthopedic surgeons with a common goal of innovating and developing advance wound and diabetic limb treatment. Their vision is to be the premier wound care society delivering clinical excellence with superior outcomes while creating value for partners across the care continuum. The mission is to restore health and improve the quality of life and access to care for patients with diabetic and chronic wounds. The society is committed to identifying, educate and partnering with other health care providers. These means would enhance the practice of wound care and limb salvage through utilizing current best practices.


The society is an avenue for orthopedic surgeons to enhance and establish their own wound care centers through the collective effort of highly renowned doctors all over the country. The society will be celebrating its first annual convention on September 9, 2017, at Crown Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City, Manila. This is just a fresh start to the future of wound care in the Philippine Orthopedic Society and the Philippines. These efforts are made possible through one single initiative of our very own orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jay Asuncion, and his team. 

(By Jiffaney O. Quiambao, RN)

POWCDLS Officers 2024


Dr. Roberto Gabriel L. Lopez


Dr. Charles Richard R. Cabuquit


Dr. Lendell John Z. Gatchalian



Dr. Ariel D. Sandoval


Dr. Renier D. Gerochi, Jr.



Dr. Pierre M. Mella


Dr. Adrian Amiel T. Burgos




Dr. Jerome Anthony S. Asuncion




Dr. Jonathan C. Ronquillo


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